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German wine - wine basics

Serving German wine

If the wine is to be served remember that the wine and food are partners, and as such, each should complement and enhance - not overpower - the other. Never fill a glass more than half full at any time. In planning your meal, expect to pour about six half-filled glasses from each bottle.


Serve German white wines chilled to about 50° F (10° C); rosé wines taste best a couple of degrees warmer and red wines should be served at about 64° F (18° C).

Served too cold or too warm, a wine has neither fragrance nor taste. A glass which is somewhat tapered at the top helps contain the bouquet and allows the wine to be swirled in the glass easily.

German wines are suitable for any occasion, from a casual get-together to an elegant reception. German wines are stimulatingly fresh and light perfect wines for drinking with today's lighter cuisine.

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