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German wine - wine basics

Storing wine

An ideal spot for wine is one that is cool, dimly lit, moderately humid, relatively quiet and where the temperature is a constant 50° to 55° F (10° to 12° C). 

Store bottles horizontally

When such ideal conditions do not exist, the most important consideration is to find a place where the temperature does not fluctuate wildly. A quiet, cool spot such as a closet, hallway, unused fireplace, or space under the stairs will do.  Warm places such as the kitchen or bright, light places such as near a window are not recommended. Wine should always be stored lying horizontally, so that the cork remains moist and elastic. Only wines with metal caps can be stored standing up


Do not store wine near goods that emit strong odors, because the wine "breathes" through its cork and has a tendency to absorb odors from the air.

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