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Bottler - Erzeuger - Gutsabfüller

There are about 100,000 grape growers in Germany, yet only about one fourth as many wine producers. Grower, producer and bottler - not always the same person. The grower or collective group of growers is responsible for and guarantees the quality of his/its wine. If the label indicates "Erzeugerabfüller"  (producer-bottled), it assures that the grapes were grown and the wine was produced by one and the same grower or co-operative of growers (Winzergenossenschaft).

Sometimes the bottler or shipper will assume responsibility for quality and will be identified on the label as "Abfüller". As an alternative to "Erzeugerabfüllung", estates and growers which grow, produce and bottle their own wine can use the term "Gutsabfüllung" (estate-bottled) on the label.

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