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Tuesday, 17. July 2007

Earliest Recorded Blossoming of Grapevines in Germany

MAINZ, 04.06.07. Actually, the flower clusters of grapevines are rather inconspicuous. Botanically, the clusters are panicles – loose, irregularly branched flower clusters – with individual flowers, or blossoms, on the end of...[more]

Tuesday, 17. July 2007

Pinot Noir speaks German: Germany third biggest Pinot Noir producer in the world.

MAINZ. It requires a great deal of attention in the vineyard and cellar and suits only the best vineyard sites. The grape variety develops its full charm in a cool climate vineyard site where aroma and acidity are harmonised...[more]

Wednesday, 05. July 2006

Wines of Germany Takes A Front Row Seat at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York

NEW YORK, NY. Wines of Germany announced their debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with their vintage collection of world-class Rieslings and other varietals. This was the first-ever fashion week sponsorship for Wines of Germany,...[more]

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