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Grauburgunder - white vine variety


These are synonyms for the Grauburgunder grape (grau = grey) known as Pinot gris in France and Pinot grigio in Italy. Grauburgunder denotes the more food-compatible, sleeker, drier style, while the richer, fuller-bodied and more fragrant version is labeledRuländer.

Ruländer is named after a businessman from Speyer, Johann Ruland, who propagated it in the early 18th century. This variety needs good vineyards with deep, heavy soil. Harvest time is usually late September and early October. It is grown primarily in Baden and the Pfalz.

At Kaiserstuhl (subregion of Baden) there is an "International-Grauburgunder-Symposium" every three years (last one May 2005). Local wine growers and guests from Europe & overseas offer their wines to the visitors.


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