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Mittelrhein wine region - a lot of castles...

Beginning just below Bonn and extending about 60 miles south on both banks of the Rhine, the Mittelrhein (Middle Rhine Valley) is abeautiful region of steep, terraced vineyards crowned with medieval castles and ruins.

The Middle Rhine Valley was named a "World Cultural Heritage site" in 2002.

Wines: fresh, fragrant, pithy, marked fruity acidity (sometimes austere).

Bacharach - most important wine village since the Middle Ages


Bacharach has been the most important wine village of this region since the Middle Ages. The clayish slate soil yields lively wines with a pronounced acidity. Riesling grapes, Müller-Thurgau and Kerner grow best on these inhospitable slopes. Most of the production is consumed locally or sold to visitors.

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