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Hessische Bergstraße - small but fine

The wine-growing region Hessische Bergstraße (456 ha) is located north of Heidelberg, bordered by the Rhine on the west and the Odenwald (forest) on the east. The wines tend to be fragrant and rich, with more body and a littie less acidity and finesse than those of the Rheingau.

The Riesling is the main grape variety (243 ha), followed by the fragrant Müller-Thurgau (46 ha), Grauburgunder (Pinot gris, 38 ha) and delicate Silvaner. There are 233 different soil types.

Hessische Bergstraße near Heppenheim

The wines from the Bergstrasse are scarce and almost without exception consumed locally - a good reason to attend one of the local wine festivals in the medieval town of Heppenheim (late june) or Bensheim (early September).

Wines: fragrant, refreshing fruity acidity, hearty.

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