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German wine: Recent quotes in the press

“Riesling makes the purest, cleanest wines of all…on Mosel’s steep, slatey slopes…it becomes an intense powerful aristocrat.”
Rose Murray Brown, Scotsman Magazine, 19 May 2007

“Germany makes some of the world’s finest whites in some of the world’s greenest scenery.”
Stephen Brook, The Travellers Germany (Supp. to The Guardian), 25 May 2007

“Lately wine drinkers have re-discovered Riesling – it is becoming cool to drink German again.”
Don and John, Camden New Journal, 3 May 2007

“I always find German wines are great after dinner or with cheeses, as they can provide a degree of sweetness while retaining a refreshing acidity.”
Jo Aherne (winemaker with Marks & Spencer) Wedding Belle, April 2007

“The aromatic notes of an off-dry German Riesling marry well with Chinese food.”
Andy Lynes, Waitrose Food Illustrated, May 2007

“German Pinot Noir has evolved from simple and confected to complex and convincing.”
Gary Werner, Wine & Spirit, June 2007

“Delightfully undervalued, Mosels are versatile summer aperitif and light-food wines.”
Jane MacQuitty, The Times Magazine, 2 June 2007

“No summer selection is complete without a fine single-estate German Riesling whose racy, floral fruit makes the perfect summer, sans-food white.”
Jane MacQuitty, The Times Magazine, 16 June 2007

“Germans make enticingly summery whites, as their off-dry style copes with all sorts of seasonal moments.”
Jane MacQuitty, The Times Magazine, 16 June 2007

“German reds are fantastic.”
Stephanie Doering of Maze, Decanter, June 2007

“German wines are just beginning to make their comeback; small wonder when you can drink gorgeous, light, perfumed, fruit-bursting Rieslings…”
Simon Hoggart, The Spectator, 30 June 2007

“A sweet, young German Riesling, served cold, can be one of the most delicious wines to drink on its own on a warm afternoon.”
Max Allen, Olive, July 2007

“Germany ha[ve]s been enjoying exceptional vintages and consistent production.”
Kate Ennis, Food & Travel, July 2007

“The late-ripening Riesling’s heartland is the valleys of Germany, where it produces wines rich in crisp, lime and appley flavours and honeyed richness.” Focus (supp. to Kentish Gazette Series), June 2007

"For years, I have served chilled kabinett as an apéritif to the surprised enjoyment of guests"

If I had to pick one grape variety and its wines to see me through from late spring until the last days of summer, it would have to be riesling. Chardonnay's fat, vanilla, peaches-and-cream- Dolly-Parton-styled whites have their summer moments, as do sauvignon's sleek, scented, gooseberry-and-grass-cutting-charged wines.

Yet if you want one wine to sip early in the day, mid-afternoon in the garden, as an apéritif, with spicy oriental dishes and - in its sweeter late-harvest form - as a pudding wine to savour with fresh summer berries, there is only one grape that could possibly fit the bill. A mouthwateringly, verdant, racy riesling, with lots of steely, minerally acidity, balanced by gorgeous floral, lime zest-spiked fruit perfectly echoes the season's produce.

Jane MacQuitty, Times Online, May 13, 2006


"German wines are king. I'm talking Rieslings from Mosel, Pfalz and Rheingau. The acidity neutralises the heat to leave the wine's fruitiness on the palate."

Laurent Chaniac, sommelier of the Cinnamon Club, Food & Travel, March 2006


"The rising sales of good quality German wine is proof it has shaken of its negative reputation."

Charles Metcalfe, Wine & Spirit, March 2006


"International perseption of German wine - that it's only about those classic-style, anturally sweet and naturally-low-alcohol Rieslings - is now out of date. Dry wines and red winemaking have taken a big leap forward in the past decade, while many of those classic styles have had a major makeover."

Fiona Sims, Morning Advertiser, 2 March 2006


"Ice wine - or if you are in Germany Eiswein - is one of the few outlandishly priced wines for which I can put my hand on my heart and say 'you know, given the sheer hell that went into making it, it is worth the money."

Will Lyons, Scotland on Sunday, 26 February 2006


source: DWI
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