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17.July 2007

Pinot Noir speaks German: Germany third biggest Pinot Noir producer in the world.


MAINZ. It requires a great deal of attention in the vineyard and cellar and suits only the best vineyard sites. The grape variety develops its full charm in a cool climate vineyard site where aroma and acidity are harmonised through a long growing season.

German Pinot Noir from Baden

Therefore it is well suited to the northerly wine growing regions of Germany, in which the vineyard area for Pinot Noir has seen a marked increase to 12,000ha in the last year. 

German Pinot Noir now stars amongst the best red wines in the world through the first class vineyard management and improvements in the use of oak barrels by ambitious winemakers, most of them in Baden close to the Ahr, in Pfalz and Rheinhessen.  They have also made Germany the third biggest Pinot Noir-producing nation in the world after France and the USA.

The standard of Spätburgunder is rising

The recent success that German Pinot Noir has had in international and national competitions demonstrates that it can now be counted amongst the top international red wine styles.  The consumer can today choose from a wide assortment of excellent Pinot Noirs from almost all German vineyards. 

They share charming delicate fruit with flavours of raspberry, strawberry and currant.  The wines, which glow a light ruby red, typically have less tannin than other red wines and are characterised by their fruity acidity and their smooth and elegant structure.

Ideal for both special occasions and everyday drinking

A German Pinot Noir is always something special and the wines are ideal for serving both with celebratory meals and as an everyday treat, accompanying a simple lunch as well as a hearty dinner. However, consumption with spicy or hot foods should be avoided.

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