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Gutedel - white vine variety


There are two versions regarding the origin of Gutedel. One says Gutedel came from Turkey through Burgundy to Germany. The other version claims that Gutedel originated in Egypt where it is still grown as a table grape in the oasis of Fayum.

From there Gutedel can be traced back to the Jordan Valley as archaeological finds at Jericho suggest.  It was the Markgraf (count) Karl Friedrich von Baden who introduced it in 1780 from the Lake Geneva area to Baden's southernmost district, Markgräflerland where Gutedel still covers 50% of the vineyards as a true Baden specialty for which reason is also called Markgraefler.

Known as Chasselas in France and Fendant in Switzerland, this ancient white variety is both a popular table grape and a wine grape. It ripens fairly early and produces a rather neutral wine, low in acidity, that is best enjoyed while young.

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