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Rheingau - the Riesling Country


The Rheingau is Gemany's most central wine-growing region and the home of some of the world's oldest wine-growing families.


The 3.205 ha wine region Rheingau is located between Hochheim on the Main River and Lorch near the Mittelrhein. The whole of the Rheingau is one long hillside topped by the thick forests of the Taunus Hills to the north and bordererd by the Rhine River to the south, forming one district, Bereich Johannisberg.

Blick vom Johannisberg auf den Rhein

Rheingau wine region is where the famous cloisters and estates cultivated and refined the noble Riesling. It was the Rheingauers who first recognized the value of Botrytis Cinerea (noble rot) and the Spätlese (late harvest). The term "Kabinett" is said to have originated here. In this favourable climate and ideal soil the Riesling develops to perfection, producing noble, elegant wines characterized by a refined and sometimes spicy fragrance; a fruity, pronounced acidity; and a rich ripeness in flavour. Full-bodied, distinctive red wine is made from the Spätburgunder (Pinot noir), particularly from the steep vineyards around Assmannshausen. Main grape variety is Riesling (2.518 ha), followed by Müller-Thurgau (75 ha).

Wines: refined fragrance, lively racy acidity, great character and elegance

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