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17.July 2007

Pinot Noir speaks German: Germany third biggest Pinot Noir producer in the world.


MAINZ. It requires a great deal of attention in the vineyard and cellar and suits only the best vineyard sites. The grape variety develops its full charm in a cool climate vineyard site where aroma and acidity are harmonised through a long growing season.

German Pinot Noir is ideal with ham, roast beef, hearty soups, savoury pastries and cold meats.  A young Spätburgunder is the best choice to serve with Steak Tartare, or sausage salad.  Classically, fruity wines are matched with fried and braised beef or pork but also go well with poultry, rabbit and hearty game dishes. 

The pairing can be further improved if a splash of Pinot Noir is added to the sauce. The elegant red wine also goes well with fish – fried fillets of haddock or cod will go well with a lightly chilled Spätburgunder.

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