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17.July 2007

Earliest Recorded Blossoming of Grapevines in Germany


MAINZ, 04.06.07. Actually, the flower clusters of grapevines are rather inconspicuous. Botanically, the clusters are panicles – loose, irregularly branched flower clusters – with individual flowers, or blossoms, on the end of each branch. If successfully fertilized, these blossoms ultimately develop into berries/grapes.

Ideal Temperatures

Average annual temperatures of more than 9°C (48°F), winter temperatures not lower than minus 20°C (–4°F) – to avoid frost danger.

Blossoming Stage

Vines have flower clusters, each with several individual blossoms that form a closed “cap.” The cap falls off durinig blossoming, the individual flowers appear – and glands in the vine lend a fine aroma to the air...perceptible during  a walk through the vineyards at this time.

The measuring of the blossoming period begins when about a quarter of the flower clusters have blossomed (i.e. caps have fallen off) and ends when about 90% of the caps have fallen off. In all, this phase can last from five to ten days, depending on weather circumstances.

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