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Germany’s white wines

Wine loving brits and wine experts agree - Germany produces the finest white wines.


If the latest sales data from UK supermarkets is anything to go by it seems that wine loving Brits are finally developing a taste for good quality German wines.

AC Nielsen sales data shows that retail sales of German wine above £ 6 have grown dramatically (+89%) in the last three years, well above the general increase for wine sales in this price bracket (+16%) in the same period.

All wine experts agree that Germany has always made some of the very best white wines in the world and in case that needed proving. The International Wine Challenge's prestigious title of White Winemaker of the Year has been awarded to German winemakers for the last two years.

Nicky Forrest, head of Wines of Germany in the UK, gives her take on the situation, "The latest statistics make for a positive read for anyone involved in the sale of German wines in the UK. The wine trade and wine media have long agreed that Germany makes some of the best white wine in the world and it seems the message is finally getting through to consumers." Forrest is expecting more people than ever to be buying German wine this summer "as all eyes will be on Germany during the World Cup in 2006".

source: DWI
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